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Our mission is to encourage parents to learn with their children "in the field". Instead of field trips being a once-every-few-months excuse to get out of the house, we promote a more frequent exploration of the vast resources at our disposal: God's creation, artifacts, museums, experts, hobbyists and people from all over the world.

It could be...
the neighbor next door you see late at night watching the stars through his telescope...or the naturalist at the local wildlife sanctuary who is willing and able to answer all your kids' questions about bats.

Or maybe...
A visit to an historic theater to see a movie about camels in the Gobi Desert yields discussions about Vaudeville, the decline of small towns, Mongolian history and culture, animal husbandry, and folk music. No special vocabulary worksheets are necessary for your child to discover new words like yurt, Genghis Khan, Charlie Chaplin, horse-head fiddle, nomad, and sandstorm. And then maybe you follow up with library books and websites about Mongolia. Or maybe you listen to some music of the Steppe by Tuvan throat singers Huun-Huur-Tu.

In the give and take of comments and questions, your children learn. More importantly, they learn not only your answers to their questions but also which things are worth knowing and which questions are worth asking.

The calendar is no longer a feature of this website, but we hope that the resource pages will direct you to learning places near by.

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